n. (ə-ˈkȯi-yō)   to hear; to listen; to understand
“Hearing loss has made me an ambassador for simplicity and social good.”
Conquer Life™

Conquer Life™

Our trademarked tagline at Akoio is: Conquer Life™. And, for me, it is much more than a clever turn of phrase.

Bill Schiffmiller, Founder and CEO of Akoio

Who is Bill Schiffmiller? I'm a design expert, technology enthusiast, and accessibility advocate with profound hearing loss. Akoio is where I bring it all together.

I'd love to speak at your next event, consult with you about best practices for accessibility design, or even just say hello. So, please get in touch!

Make your business and products more accessible.

Accessibility does more than comply with legal requirements — it helps you attract and keep new customers.