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Hearing wellness advocate and innovator

Bill Schiffmiller is Founder and CEO of Akoio™, a company dedicated to providing products and services tailored to the needs of people who experience hearing loss. A life-long hearing aid user and hearing wellness advocate, Bill knows first hand the inconveniences posed by a hearing aid, and founded Akoio to make the pursuit of hearing wellness a rewarding experience rather than a frustrating one.

Bill Schiffmiller in class, listening to questions about accessibility
Bill Schiffmiller leads “Accessibility Awareness”
Bill Schiffmiller fitting a hearing aid for a Filipino child in need.
Bill Schiffmiller fitting a hearing aid for a child in need. Photo Credit: Starkey Hearing Foundation
Prior to Akoio, Bill was the Accessibility Advocate for Apple, Inc. He brought his experience and passion for accessibility to Akoio. He was also a protégé of Sam Farber, founder of OXO, the creator of Good Grip Kitchen products. Sam’s work in universal design impacted Bill, and inspired him to adopt the same philosophy and commitment to making status quo products better and more accessible.

Bill received his Master’s of Professional Studies degree in Design Management at Pratt Institute and Bachelor’s degree in Photographic Illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology. Bill and his wife, Ninez Recto Arreglado, are co-founders of the Akoio Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that provides hearing aids, after care, and other social goods to communities in the Philippines.

Bill Schiffmiller, Founder and CEO of Akoio

Who is Bill Schiffmiller? I'm a design expert, technology enthusiast, and accessibility advocate with profound hearing loss. Akoio is where I bring it all together.

I'd love to speak at your next event, consult with you about best practices for accessibility design, or even just say hello. So, please get in touch!